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My Order

Do I need to register or sign up?

No. You can add items to your cart and head straight to checkout without registering or signing up for an account on our store.

How will my order be fulfilled?

You may have noticed that we are only selling digital copies of our chapbooks. Once your order and payment are confirmed, you will get an email with a unique link to download the books you just paid for.

Payment Methods

All payments are processed through the payment company Flutterwave. We have deployed their RavePay service on the site. RavePay supports both local transactions and international transactions.

Data Collection

Are you mining my data?

No! We are not Amazon, Google, Facebook, the US government, etc. We are Invisible Borders Trans-African Organisation.

The checkout form is long. Do you need all that info?

These are standard billing questions. We understand that they seem a lot, but we need the answers for your security and for ours too. Apologies.

Will you save my card details on your website?

Invisible Borders Trans-African Organisation does not, and will not collect or save your card information on its website. All payments are processed trough RavePay by Flutterwave, a credible and secure payment gateway.

General Information

Digital copies aside, can I also buy hard copies?

No. Well, at least not for now. Only digital versions of the chapbooks are being sold. Post COVID-19, we will endevour to make hard copies available worldwide.

Why can't I buy the books individually?

The books are bundled based on projects. All the authors of the books in every project travelled and thought together. We find that it makes for better reading and great understanding when the books are read together. So, we currently do not have any plans to unbundle them.

Do you only sell books?

For now, yes. But we are working on rolling out a full merchandise collection (all our road trips) as soon as we can. Check back post pandemic.

Not finding the help you need? - Write us.